Riversy - The Heart of Amaranth

Heya!! Since Riversy keeps on growing larger, I figured it was time for a longer, and more detailed look at the centre of Austin. The old Geography entry is good, but it is not really all that detailed, and it would take up far too much space if I were to add all this extra info there, so the city gets its own seperate section. So without further ado, let old Bang guide you around town...

Bank: Here you can open an account, and leave your money in safe storage. While the bank does not pay interest on your account, it has scrapped it's old policy of charging to store your money. You can also rent a deposit box here, where you can store items, for nominal fee (the actual amount is based on what you are storing). The Bank is located on Gate Street.

Carrion Inn: This is the scummiest dive in the city bar none! The beer is watered down, the spirits will leave you gasping for breath, and it is frequented by every kind of lowlife and criminal imaginable, which is why I love the place! Filthy the barman, sure lives up to his name, and it is a good thing he does not serve food, or else he would end up poisoning half the population! The Carrion Inn is just east of the Market Square, on Looney Street.

Cleric's Guildhall: The Cleric's guild is located in the south-western corner of the Temple Cloister. Here those who wield the spells sent to them by their deity, can learn new spells & skills, and improve the ones they already know.

Dominica's Pleasure Palace: Dominica has taken over the running of the old brothel that was Lucy's Place. She has moved the establishment into a larger building on Dead End Alley (opposite the Theives Guild, and some say the move was not entirely her choice...), but other than that the place is the same as ever. Filled with low life, scum, and those willing to sell their company to earn their money. Some things never change, and this Dwarf for one, is glad of that!

Druid's Guildhall: The Druid's guild is located in the northern part of the Palace Gardens, and is guarded by a great Treant. Here those who serve nature can practice their skills & spells, and gain knowledge of new ones.

Ferry Berth: Located just east of where Gate Street turns north, the Ferry Berth is important, as it is from here that the river ferry travels to Rodby. The ferry leaves at set times of the day (6am, 10am, 2pm and 6pm every day). Buy a ticket from the ferryman, and enter the ferry to get on board, the trip takes about 2 hours. As an added point, the ferry leaves Rodby at 8am, 12noon, 4pm and 8pm every day, so be careful you don't miss your ride back!

Graveyard: The Graveyard is located off Market Street, and is not for the faint hearted. The Verger runs this place like a private kingdom, and he does not take kindly to anyone intruding in his domain (with the exception of Necromancer's, as he fears the power of their guild). The graveyard is haunted by at least one ghost, and tales talk of a series of ancient catacombs under the modern graves. If indeed there are such tunnels, who knows what dread phantoms would rest uneasily down there...

Griffon Hotel: This large, and reasonably classy hotel is located to the east of Temple Yard. Here you can rent a room for the night, for a modest price, dine in the lounge, or drink away your sorrows in the bar (they serve beer by the barrel!).

Mages Guildhall: The Mage's guild is located on Main Street. Here wizards of all kinds, can go to learn new spells, and to practice the ones they already know. The Guildhouse includes a small bar, where students can kick back their heels, relax and share tales of spell-slinging mayhem to their hearts content!

Market Square: This is the main market of the city, where all sorts of traders hawk their wares (at the top of their voices no less) to the people passing by. Horses can be bought from here at certain times of the day, the halfling maid Sheila is always here selling lemonade, and fresh fruit. A greedy landlord also holds shop here, renting out expensive houses to those few who can afford his prices. Also you can catch a coach from here that will take you to Laketown, and save your legs the long trek through the woods to get there. And it is far more stylish too!

Mayor's Office: This small office is located off Gate Street, and is staffed by the Mayor's secretary, who is having a not-so-secret affair with Mayor Bingle. For his part the Mayor is either out walking the streets, or on the rare occasions he is in his office, he is sleeping! As to the rumours regarding him cheating on his wife, he does not even bother to deny them, why else would he have a bed in the back room...

Merchant's Rest Inn: This small inn is located in Merchant's Square, and luckily for those who travel by horse, it includes a good sized stables. The prices for food and ale are fair, yet the rooms cost more per night than most honest folk make in a month. Clearly this place caters only to the rich.

Merchant's Square: This is the northern market square, where the more exclusive (and expensive) goods are sold! Around this square you can find several interesting shops, as well as the stately Mayor's residence, and the Manor of a brutish man called Botolf. The shops you can find located about the square are:

As with the shops in the rest of Riversy, these remain open 24 hours a day. There is a small park in the centre of the square, where some peacocks roam contentedly.

Military Grounds: This area is located in the North-eastern part of the town, and it is where the headquarters and barracks are located for the Army of Amaranth. The grounds are built around a large square, which is used for parades and drills.

Necromancer's Guildhall: The Necromancer's guild is located in an old crypt, somewhere in the sewers. This creepy place, is home to an even creepier old wizard, who will teach fledgling Necromancer's new skills & spells, and help them to improve the ones they already know.

Palace: The home of King Brind and his noble court, the Palace also houses the city dungeons. To get in to see the King, you will need to buy an appointment from the Royal Advisor, and with that Nobby & Terry will let you pass. The Palace is located at the southern end of the King's Road.

Palace Gardens: This is a small park, located just off the King's Road. Here you can go for a bit of peace and quiet. The cursed Princess Amalie is often found walking in the garden, accompanied by her bodyguards.

Post Office: The Post Office is one of only 2 in the world (the other is in Rockby). Here you can send mail to those not currently active in the realm, and they will be notified of it when they next log in. You will need to buy paper & a pen from the General Store (or Cheap Grocer) to write the message, and for a small fee the postmaster will see that it goes to the correct persons mailbox. The Post Office is located west of the Market Square.

Shops: Riversy is home to many shops, which sell a variety of items. Listed below are the most notable ones:

For added convinience, all shops in Riversy open 24 hours a day, except for the Boat Shop as the old captain who runs the place, obviously needs his sleep.

Slums: This area is located to the north of Dead End Alley, and is the refuge of the poor, and the desperate. Rumours say that people are abducted from here in the nights by the Skaven, and that Dark elves have been seen here, but I give no credence to these wild flights of fancy.

Streets: There are 5 main streets in Riversy:

There are several small alleyways, and minor roads too, plus of course the path around the top of the Walls.

Temple: The Temple is the starting point for all those who enter the World of Austin. Here you can find the map of the city, shrines to the powers of light, balance and darkness, and the high priest himself - Magnus Catacalcarius. Here too, is the world's most used notice board. Also part of the Temple are the Cleric's Guildhouse and the Tower of the World.

Temple Yard: This is the very centre of the city, and indeed the world itself. Sit here long enough, and you will watch the entire world walk by. A large fountain dominates the centre of the courtyard, and from here you can clearly see the great cosmic scale of balance atop the Temple, showing the dominant alignment of the world.

Theatre: One of the newest additions to the city is the Grand Theatre, located just north of the Market Square, next to the bridge. Here for a small entrance fee you can be entertained by the many talanted thespians who perform on the main stage. You can join the crowd in the seating, or take up a private box to watch the shows. Beware though, as it is know that several thieves operate in the crowded confines of the building, helping themsleves to the audiences wealth.

Thieves Guildhall: The Thieves guild is located off Dead End Alley, just south of the Slums. Here those who prefer stealth to brawn, can practice their existing skills, and learn new ones. The Guildhouse includes a private meeting room, where rogues of all kinds can meet to exchange information. Happily enough this place is equipped with a fully stocked bar, so even us Dwarves who tend towards stealth can feel at home!

Tower of the World: Located in the Temple, this tall elegant structure soars towards the heavens. Quite appropriate really, as this is where the God's in charge of building guilds & zones communicate their latest news & opinions to mortals, via a pair of notice boards.

Warrior's Guildhall: The Swordsman's guild is located on King's Road, and it is here that the fighters & soldiers go to learn new skills and improve the ones they already have. The Guildhouse includes a warriors only tavern, where they can drink each other under the table, and not deafen the rest of us when they are singing songs, and recounting tales of battles.


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