The World of Austin: Areas Q - Z

Qazus to Zanzibar

QAZUS - Qazus the Golden City, is the capital of the Caliphate of Tajuk. This city is the centre of the Tajukian peoples faith, as here can be found the Great Mosque. Also here is the palace of the Caliph, from where the nation is ruled. Qazus is a good area for all levels to explore and adventure in, as theres something for everyone, from the beggars and tallfellow halflings of the slums, to Iman Maarum & Caliph Suleiman. Order in the city is maintained by the vast army of Askari soldiers, that live and die in the Caliph's name. The city houses the worlds only donation room, where you can leave items without fear of them vanishing at reboot. Legendary Creatures: The four genies (Zaaman Rul, Istishia, Grombar and Chan) would have to take this place. Each have a set of silk sleeves, themed after their particular element, but beware, each genie can call on the magical powers of their element to defend themselves!

QUILINNIN - The Capital City of Onion Valley, Quilinnin is ruled by the usurper Sayotari, who has seized control of the valley from the rightful ruler - T'Plana. There is a resistance force to his harsh rule, composed of ninja's, which emerges at night, but beware as they view all people as supporters of the Baron, and they will attack them on sight! A good place for levels 30+ to explore.

RADAAN - The Village of Radaan is the busy port of the Caliphate of Tajuk. Here the fishing boats of the Tajukians dock, to offload their catches. It is also where the Caliph's warships moor, when not out patrolling the expanses of the Eastern Ocean. Radaan is a good area for levels 15-40 to explore, but there are challenges too, for the higher levels, not least of which is the hidden lair of the Cult of the Shriven Sickle. Docked at Radaan after completing an epic voyage around the planet, is the great ship S.S. Vesper, home of the Evening Star Mercenaries guild. Legendary Creature: Karim is the fierce guardian of the Cult's hidden lair, and all those wishing to enter the lair, must first pass his watchful eyes. He wields an unusual sword, that has blades at both ends, and is very proficient in its use, having despatched more than one would-be interloper screaming into the afterlife!

RIVERSY - The Capital City of the Kingdom of Amaranth, and the heart of Austin. Riversy is the city from whence all adventurers set out, and eventually return to. Here are the great guildhouses of the adventuring classes, many shops and at the center of the city is the Temple Yard, where if you sit for long enough, you will see the whole world pass by. Riversy is the location of the Royal Palace, where the King holds court, here too is the vast Royal Library, where the history of the world is detailed in great, ancient tomes. The city has a large, and supposedly haunted graveyard. Whether the rumours are true or not, is for you to find out, but several who have entered here, have never returned! Below the city lie the stinking sewers, which extend deep below Riversy, and join with many caverns in the bowels of the earth. A place for all levels, Riversy is a city that has seen off invasions by the Gnoll's, the Ant people, and even a horde of rampaging Dragons. Here also is the fabled spellcaster guild - The `Ndrangheta, but finding their headquarters can be tricky, as it is cloaked in powerful illusions. By ancient decree of the Gods, no aggressive creatures are allowed into the city, and summoning one here is a serious crime. The cityguard do not look kindly on adventurers who kill the cities population, and they will attack to defend them, so be careful who you pick a fight with! In 1427 the City was partially destroyed by a massive Earthquake, and the rebuilding efforts continue to the present day.

ROCKBY - A Dwarven town in the Desert, and a good place for levels 15-30, but with some tougher critters too! The town has some interesting items in its shops, and a legend about a lost king. The 3 mines under the city are tougher, but the average level 30-40 should be able to handle them without too many problems.

RODBY - Take the ferry from Riversy to get to the fishing village of Rodby. The citizens here are quite harmless, providing you don't pick a fight with the old pirate. The old fisherman here sometimes tells interesting stories. Rodby is usually used as a waypoint in a journey to Tiraca or the Orfallon Mountains. Rumours say that hidden somewhere beneath this town is the lair of the Shadow Soul Assassins. A good place for levels 10-20.

SEA OF STORMS - The raging Sea of Storms is the Southern part of the Western Ocean. Within its turbulent waters lies the fabled Sorcerors Isle, home to Austin's current greatest Archmage. The Sea is inhabited only by strange, living hurricanes, possibly a form of Air Elemental, these creatures are extremely hostile, and very tough. This area is not for those of under level 40. Legendary Creature: The Archmage Gwydion, who wears a beautiful Golden Sash, that many spellcasters envy.

SELEDORN - This is a rough, and nasty pirate town on the western shore of Tiraca. Not recommended for those of under 15th level (the Tax-Collector doesn't like newbies!), this is a haven for Warriors & Thieves. The town has several Taverns, and is inhabited by a hardy bunch of people, used to the rough lifestyle of pirates & other such scum.

SILVER FOREST - The Northern part of Firian Forest used to be the home of the powerful Alfar's, elves that had been magically enhanced to act as the protectors of their race. Now however, these woods no longer echo with songs and light laughter, as the Alfar's left with the rest of the elves in 1511. Just animals live here now, though I've heard tales that one or two Alfar's might yet remain, to watch over their ancient home.

SKAVEN WARRENS - Deep below Riversy, and even below the sewers lie the caves of the foul ratmen - the Skaven. From here they plot to conquer Riversy, as they ruled the city for a time over a century ago, and they want it back! There are many aggro creatures here, several of which have skills, or can cast spells, so this area is not for those of under level 15. Legendary Creature: Snikkt Deathmaster, the Head Assassin of Clan Eshin. Unseen & Unheard he stalks the tunnels of the skaven lair, seeking prey. He wears a rather fetching Cloak of Shadows, but finding him is not easy, and surviving meeting him even harder!

SPECULUM - This is a village, south of the city of Miramor, and part of that kingdom. It is surrounded by farms, and serves as one of the main centers for food production in the Kingdom. There are several guards patrolling the village, who are commanded by Major Ursa.

SWAMPS - A particularly nasty area, South-East of Rodby is the Swamps. Here dwell dozens of horrible creatures, including Troglodytes, A Hermit, and a Giant 6-Headed Hydra! Within the Swamp lies the town of Craindre, which is built on the ruins of an old town called Zanzibar, which sunk beneath the fetid muck of the swamp. In the south of the swamp lies a dark keep, which guards an entrance to Doon Dungeon. This is not an area for those of under level 45 to try and explore. Legendary Creature: The Dracolich Crysophylax makes his lair in the eastern half of the swamp. His few remaining scales hold great magical power.

TAJUK, CALIPHATE OF - The Caliphate of Tajuk is the world's oldest surviving nation, having been founded in the year 287. It is located in the eastern desert and has a very strong arabian theme. The Caliphate comprises the following areas: The Golden City of Qazus, the fishing village of Radaan, the penal mining camp of Klima, the farming village of Tabor, and the Necropolis of Tajuk. The vast majority of the land inside the Caliphate's borders is comprised of desert. The nation extends north to the Black Mountains, and south to the Rainwall Mountains. To the east it ends at the Eastern Ocean, and the Caliph maintains a large fleet of warships which patrol the ocean, trading with far off nations and battling pirates.

TEMPLE OF ZETH - The Temple to the evil Snake God - Zeth, is located in the depths of the thick woods north of Elwyn Village, but finding the route there, can be tricky, as it is easy to lose your way in the woods. A good area for level 40-50 to explore, and do battle against the fanatical cultists. Legendary Creature: The God himself!! Zeth is a very tough snake monster, and he wears a fine necklace, made from scales that some people want for themselves.

TIRACA - A Massive Island in the Western Ocean, Tiraca is surrounded by a great circular fog bank, that confuses sailors, and has doubtless caused several shipwrecks. There are several interesting places on the Island, such as the Temple of Zeth, Seledorn, Elwyn Village, and the Ruins of Laska. A good place to go for those of level 15+. Legendary Creature: The Oracle, the most informed creature on Austin.

TROLL FOREST - Originally part of the Wood elf lands in Firian Forest, a huge force of trolls invaded years ago, and conquered this vast tract of the forest for themselves. Despite the repeated efforts of the elves, and at one time the Army of Amaranth, the Trolls remain there to this day. They have as good a memory as the elves, for remembering those who have attacked them in the past. A good place for levels 10-20 to explore, and possibly win the gratitude of a princess!

UNDERDARK - The Underdark is a vast underground network of tunnels, caves and lairs. It stretches far beneath the surface of the world, and here live many strange & hostile creatures. Places like Ghost City, and the Skaven Warrens are joined together by this web of passages through the rock. Many hostile tribes of creatures such as the scavenging Meazel's, and the hideous Bainligors lurk in this dank labyrinth. Legendary Creature: The Urophion, a lethal monster that guards the entrance to the Mindflayer Caverns, and which can deal death, with its six long tentacles, faster then almost any other creature in the world.

VAMPIRE CASTLE - This dread fortress, shaped like a skull, is located across the lake from Ghost City, and it is here that the lord of this part of the Underdark lives, surrounded by his fearsome Dreadguard Wraiths. This place is very dangerous, and has many aggro creatures. It is a place to always be on alert, and I do not reccomend that anyone of less than 40th level try to explore this place, if they want to live!

WESTERN OCEAN - The Great Western Ocean stretches from Rodby to Tiraca, south to the Sea of Storms, while its northern reaches have never been mapped, and neither have the waters west of Tiraca. Located on a small island in the Ocean is a lonely tower, and those of the Highlander Clan call this place home.

WIGHT KINGS BARROW - Located deep in the Mallorn Woods is the burial barrow of a forgotten king from ancient times. Restless in death, he & those who were buried with him roam the crypt, consumed with hatred for the living. A good area for levels 25-30 to visit.

XEZIBAR - This is a medium sized town, located at the northern edge of the Fire Swamps. It is a high level place and I would not reccommend a visit here to those of under level 45-50. Legendary Creature: Sulphacitezus the Fire Dragon, and her nest of smaller dragons are clearly the greatest threat posed by any creature in this part of the world.

ZANZIBAR - This is the name of the town which sank into the swamps. The modern town of Craindre is built on top of the ruins of Zanzibar.


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