The World of Austin: Areas I - P

Ice Castle to The Pyramid

ICE CASTLE - This is the terrible, and yet strangely wonderful home of the sinister Ice Queen. A megalomanical genius, she has created this monstrous edifice with her magic, by summoning it from the ground itself. Despite its name, the castle is built of stone, yet it is encrusted with rimed ice, which glistens on every surface. This castle is deadly to the naive, and I do not reccomend paying a visit here, unless ye be of at least 50th level. There are many creatures here, loyal to the Queen who would kill you just for kicks!! Legendary Creature: There are several to choose from, but it has to the evil bitch herself - The Ice Queen. To those who would challenge her power, I have seen her slaughter whole groups of level 65+ characters. Be careful!

ICE WASTES - These are the deadly, nearly inhospitable wastelands which surround the Ice Castle, created and sustained by the Ice Queens diabolical magic. They are barely populated, and then only by wandering creatures composed of ice, sleet and snow, and driven by the need to commit terrible evils. I do not advise those of under level 45 to go exploring here, unless brutal survivalism appeals to you.

KLIMA, MINES OF - The Slave Mines of Klima are where the vast wealth of the Caliphate is extracted in mineral form from below the Black Mountains, and they are located to the North-West of Qazus. See, the people of Tajuk found Iron ore there a long time back and got a steady income from that for centuries before they struck coal, and their alchemists figured out that coal could be used in smelting iron, to make steel, a super strong and nigh-unbreakable metal that could hold a sharper edge than iron, in short the perfect metal for making weapons & armour from. Making a trade treaty with Rockby, which gave the Dwarves preferred trading partner status in return for their mining expertise, Klima was built. The labour there is provided by all the criminals and prisoners of war that the Caliphate produces, and they are worked to death in the mines under the lash of overseers. This is not a pleasant place at all, but quite suitable for those of Levels 15-30 to get some experience.

KOBOLDS - The Kobold Village is worth a visit if you are around levels 20-25. These people are normally quite peaceful, and they obviously value their security, or they wouldn't have a huge stone wall to protect the only entrance. A few of the Kobolds are stronger than the others, and the Shaman is known for his powerful magical staff. The Kobolds also guard what remains of Annihilation Castle, and the top of this tower is reputed to hold several magical portals. Legendary Creature: In a cave close to the Tower & Village dwells a terrible Demon, whose sword is known & feared.

LAKETOWN - A large town/city on the western bank of the Great Lake, and between the vast expanses of Mallorn & Fellreev forests. Laketown is a frontier settlement in the wilds north of Amaranth. Beholden to no King, the people who live here are probably the most free on Austin. The town is a great place to visit, with many interesting shops. To get there, follow the river North-East from Riversy. Close to Laketown is the Mountain home of the 108 Dragons.

LAKETOWN FARMS - These are three large farms, located along the sides of the dusty road which leads from Laketown itself, to Fellreev Forest. They are harmless, and well worth a visit if you are level 10-20. Some of the animals don't take too kindly to strangers though, so be on your toes!

LAKETOWN MANSIONS - This area is in the western part of the town, and consists of the West Gate, Gate Street, the Cityguard Barracks, and two large Mansions. The Mansions are deadly, and filled with aggro Ghouls, and the basement of one is home to a vast web, that teems with spiders. This is not a place for those of under level 40 to explore if they want to stay alive.

LASKA - The village of Laska was destroyed in a raid by savage Bugbears, who are rumoured to live in a cave nearby these days. The ghost of the old priest is said to haunt the village church, and several Orc's have crept into the ruins. A place for level 50+ characters to get some kills & nice loot.

LOGBY - Follow the Forest road to the South-West of Riversy to get to the lumber cutting community of Logby. There are some interesting shops here, and some good equipment can be gained for those of level 15+.

LOGBY FOREST - This vast wood stretches from the Crysmere Mountains to the Swamp south of Crystal Lake. In amongst the trees of this great wood are many secrets & treasures. One of the mighty trees here holds the Treehouse home of the Khans Troopers of the Night. A hidden glade is set up for a Tea Party, and it is here that the MaD HaTTeRS can be found, having fun! The entrance to the Mines of Amaranth is in a Quarry in the South-East of this wood, and there is a lake, across which the Highlands can be reached. Here too is wise old Heirat the Sage, in his little log cabin, and many more things besides.

LOLA'NE'KAI, KINGDOM OF - Deep beneath the raging Sea of Storms lies the underwater Kingdom of Lola'ne'kai, home to the sharkmen. This is a tough place to explore, and in several areas there is the considerable risk of drowning to contend with. A good place for Levels 45-70 to explore. Legendary Creature: It has to be Kahi'uka the Shark God, who looks surprisingly human. He is besotted with Serenia, but she does not love him, so he has punished her by turning her into a mermaid, and swears that she will remain in that form until she agrees to be his bride.

LORADONIA - Nestled into a fertile little valley in the southern Crysmere Mountains is the farming village of Loradonia, surrounded by fields of cattle, and dense trackless forest, where it is easy to get lost. Loradonia lies in the shadow of the nearby Black Volcano, and the villagers are ever alert for attacks from Canthraxis the Red Wyrm, or his minions. A Good place for those of Level 20+ to explore.

MALLORN WOODS - The thick lofty trees of the Mallorn Forest, which lies south of Laketown have many secrets to be found. Here lies the Eyot of the Werewolves, the Wight-Kings Barrow & the House of the Ancient God - Kafka!

MINDFLAYER TUNNELS - These sinister tunnels lie benaeth the ruined village of Arcnur. They are home to Austin's most alien race, the insidious Illithids (or Mindflayers as they are called by humans). Legendary Creature: Antigon the God of Travellers, who holds a powerful crystal mace, which is much desired by mortals.

MINES OF AMARANTH - The mines of Amaranth extend deep, below the Crysmere Mountains, and even exit south into the Desert. Here dwell Cavemen, a large bear, and many other minor creatures. The miners have also managed to tunnel into the Ant Caves, an action which triggered an invasion of Riversy by the angered Antmen. Carved deep into the mountain above the mines entrance (In the Logby Woods, South-East of Riversy) is the home of the mighty WolfPack, who emerge from their den to hunt when the pack is wronged. The mines are a good area for levels 12-17 to explore.

MIRAMOR, CITY OF - The city of the half-elves, ruled by the good King Polaris, and protected by his army of guards. Miramor is a great place for levels 15-25 to explore & a good place to shop. The city is hard to find, and those who do not know the way would be well advised to get hold of some accurate directions. Contesting King Polaris's reign are the Chaos-Lords of the SNG, who dwell in a hidden base here. Legendary Creature: King Polaris who rules over this isolated realm.

MIRAMOR, KINGDOM OF - The Kingdom of Miramor is the domain ruled by King Polaris, beyond the city walls. It includes the forested hills to the south, vineyards to the north, the Quarry on the slopes of the volcano, and the village of Speculum.

MITHRIL CANYON - Located at the foot of Mount Tremont, in the Orfallon Mountains, is the legendary Mithril Canyon. The paradise of level 50-70 players, this area has many powerful creatures, and lots of loot to be had. Legendary Creature: Many to choose from, but it has to be the Mighty Immortal Begone, who wears one of the most coveted belts in the world.

MONASTERY - In the hills to the North-East of Rodby lies the sinister Monestary of the Red Robed Monks. These strange hermits worship a dreadful goltari, who lairs beneath the Monastery in lethal lava-filled rooms. Legendary Creature: Gol'recht the Daemon of Lost Dimensions, is one of the twelve awesome Goltari created by the Dark Prince.

MUDDWELLER CAVES - The harmless Muddwellers live in a small set of caves, below Riversy. They are good kills for level 2-5 characters, but they can be a bit tricky to find.

MUSHROOM LAND - Until not long back, these caves could be accessed from the Gnoll caverns, but seems the Myconids (they don't like Mushroom people as a name), got a tad annoyed at being raided all the time, so they collapsed the shaft. However they have dug a new shaft into the upper level of the Riversy Sewers (good for gathering fertiliser for all that fungi they grow I guess). Anyway this is a good place for levels 6-15 to visit. Watch out for the soldiers though, they don't take too well to non-Myconids poking about, and stealing their Mushrooms. Oh yeah, and the King, Shaman & Wizard are definately worth checking on while you are there.

NEEDLE, THE - This place is located in the barren rocky desert to the north-east of Qazus. Here a solitary pinnacle of rock, points straight up from the surrounding terrain, to a height of about 200 feet tall! Although known as a local landmark to the people of the Caliphate of Tajuk, the reality is far more grim. The Needle is in reality Taddabur, the ancient fortress-tower of the Geomancer Tisan Balshareska, a wizard-priestess of terrible power and ambition, who was thankfully frozen in time millenia ago... until that is a wandering sorceress accidentally broke the seals imprisoning her in the year 1500. These days Tisan consumes her time with summoning and creating ever more powerful minions, to aid her in her insane quest to recover the ancient remains of her eight fellow Geomancers, so that she might recall their spirits to stand once more at her side, and restart the Godswar that tore this world apart with conflict eons ago. Not an area for those under Level 50 to visit.Legendary Creature: Tisan Balshareska the Arch-Geomancer wins this category hands down. A millenia old sorceress, with access to magic unknown to modern day wizards & priests. Her glyph tattoo's ward her against many baleful magical effects, while her knowledge of earthen magics can be deadly! Watch out however, Tisan is far from alone in her hidden lair!

NENGTAROTH - This is the legendary home of the evil Darkelves. The name means "Land of Shadows". The place is level 15-45, as there is a good selection of different creatures. The city lies in the mountains north of Amaranth, and can only be entered by yelling the cities name.

NENGTAROTH CASTLE - The castle is the home of the Darkelf elite, including the Royal family. It should not be explored by those of under level 50 if they value their lives. The area has many powerful creatures, and lots of equipment to loot. It is located in the northern part of the Darkelf city, beyond the gates.Legendary Creature: Akasha, Queen of Nengtaroth and of all the darkelves.

NENGTAROTH SEWERS - This place is just lethal!! Under the streets of the city itself, is a small network of tunnels, that are filled with these really horrid creatures called Driders. You can get into this place if you are really that eager to die, by opening one of the sewer grates (there are three) in the streets. But don't say you weren't warned! Legendary Creature: The Pyrohydra, now this sucker is just mean! Eight heads, hide as tough as plate armour, and it breathes fire too. My advice is to run like hell should you encounter it. However should you manage to beat it, you might be able to fashion a neat set of leggings from its hide.

ORC CAVERNS - South of Logby, in a forest clearing is the entrance to to the Orc caves. A good area for levels 10-15 to explore, but beware of the males, as they don't like visitors, and the Wicca knows some offensive magic to throw at those who challenge him.

ORFALLON MOUNTAINS - This vast chain of Mountains lies to the South, and South-East of Rodby. Amongst its myriad, lofty peaks lie Miramor, Downtown & the Haunted Castle. Here too is the Lost Valley, where the stone keep that is home to the Rangers guild, can sometimes be glimpsed through the fog.

ORTON - Orton is little more than a tiny collection of ruins, on the south bank of the river, just to the west of Arcnur. Back when Arcnur was a mining village, the ores were shipped through the river port of Oretown, which over the years became corrupted to Orton. Little remains on the place now, and what there is left, is inhabited by a small, but vicious tribe of goblins.

ONION VALLEY - Nestled between the Crysmere & Northern Mountains lies picturesque Onion Valley, home to peaceful famers who toil under the brutal regime of Baron Sayotari. The capital of this tiny nation is the city of Quilinnin. Onion Valley is in the extreme North-East of the world, and there is a beach facing the Great Eastern Ocean, a vast tract of water, as yet unexplored.

PURPLE PLAINS - An Outer Plane, the Purple Plains are a strange and dangerous place. In the midst of the dimension is the tower of its most powerful inhabitant, the Necromancer. Accessed from the labyrinthine dungeons beneath Castle Hillby, this is a weird place, that is not advised for those of below level 60.

THE PYRAMID - Stood amidst a raging sandstorm in the Desert, is a massive Pyramid. Built by an ancient people to honour their dead king, the Pyramid has some nasty creatures that lurk within its dusty stone corridors & crypts. Legendary Creature: The Ancient King, who lumbers forth in his undead state, to defend his tomb from grave-robbers.


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