The Geography of the World of Austin

"Well hello there young 'un. Come to listen to some tales of adventure from this old dwarf have ye? Well pull up a stool, and park your bum, and let old Bang tell you a thing or three about this here world of ours. I been from one end of this place to the other in my youth, and to tell you the truth I still go wandering every now and then. I seen things that will amaze you, and things that can plant you in the afterlife faster then you can blink an eyelid. Hey, quit your sniggering you young pup, this world is damn deadly for those who don't know when to look, when to fight, and when to run like hell!! So before you go heading off in search of the unknown, have a read through my little guides to the places you can visit. Oh yeah and wait up, I'll just grab my coat and spectacles, never know when an experienced traveller will be needed to lend a hand eh?"

A wonderfully rendered birds-eye view of the known regions of the Continent of Arainor. Tiraca has been included, to show relative scale!

The World of Austin

Areas A - H: Abyss - Hobgoblin Lair
Areas I - P: Ice Castle - The Pyramid
Areas Q - Z: Qazus - Zanzibar
Riversy - The Heart of Amaranth:
Qazus - The Golden City:
Austin's Solar System:
Austin's Multiverse - The Outer Planes & Other Dimensions:


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