The World of Austin: Areas A - H

Abyss to Hobgoblin Lair

ABYSS - The Abyss is the extra-planar domain of the evil Tanar'ri demons that were defeated in their attack on the World of Austin in 1427. Here is dread Castle Malevolus too, and the deadly river of lava. Not recommended for those of under lvl 50. To get there go to the old ruined tower east of Riversy, at the foot of the extinct volcano, and enter the circle.

AMARANTH, KINGDOM OF - The Kingdom of Amaranth is the centre of Austin. At its heart lies Riversy. The borders are marked out by great inscribed stones. Amaranth also includes the Halfling Village, Hillby Castle, Hillby & Logby.

ANT CAVES - The caves of the industrious Ant people lie beneath the mines, South-East of Riversy. They are mostly harmless, but watch out for the aggro warriors, and the giant Queen. The Ant people launched an invasion of Riversy years ago, when their caves were first tunnelled into, and for a while it looked as if Riversy would fall, as the Ant Warrior army conquered well over two thirds of the city, before a hard fought counter-offensive retook the streets. A good area for levels 8-15, but be careful as finding the way out is a lot trickier than getting in!

ARAINOR, CONTINENT OF - The name of the main continent of the world thus far known to explorers. Arainor is a vast land, with terrain ranging from farmland and forest, through rugged mountains, and scorching desert wastes. It is bordered on the east and west side by vast oceans, to the north by seemingly endless ice sheets which lead eventually to the North Pole of the planet Austin. The southern extremes of Arainor remain unknown, though it is known that there are jungles beyond the Rainwall Mountains in the south-east of the continent, what lies elsewhere to the south is a matter of some debate amongst scholars. Though numerous expeditions have been funded by rulers from nations such as Dowinn's Tomb, and Tajuk, no explorer has ever returned from the southlands, so it remains terra incognito.

ARCNUR VILLAGE - Once a mining town, this village is now ruined. Living amongst the debris is a small tribe of goblins, but these are mostly harmless. However people who go down the well have been known to never return! Good for Levels 5-8, the village of Arcnur is North East of the Gnomes. However, visitors should beware entering the well, as beneath the village lies the dreaded caverns of the Mindflayers. It is for this reason, that the Psionicist guild have positioned their floating citadel high above Arcnur to keep a close watch over their foes.

BANDIT KEEP - This sturdy stone fortress lies at the entrance to the Hidden Valley. Constructed over two hundred years ago by the Rangers of Amaranth, it was deserted after the loss of King Garborin's army in Moria. The devastating earthquake of 1427 reopened the pass leading to the keep, and now the lawless bandits of the eastern hills have taken it over as their base. For levels 20+ only. Legendary Creature: The evil mage Cyrus, who uses his magical potions to control the Bandit's, and who wears an intellect boosting Circlet, much coveted by many who desire knowledge.

BARBARIAN CAMP - Located in the eastern end of the Hidden Valley, is the camp of a small tribe of Barbarians who have turned their back on civilisation. These savage warriors are ruled over by a mighty warrior called Kahn. The Barbarians keep to themselves. The camp is a good area for Level's 10-18 to adventure & do battle, though a few of the inhabitants will challenge those of higher level. Located in the village is the Barbarian class guildhall.

BLACKTHORN WOODS - Surrounding the evil town of Grimstead, are the dark trees of the aptly named Blackthorn Woods. The undergrowth in this sinister forest seems to consist solely of razored vines and shrubs, while the canopy overhead is thick, blotting out nearly all light, and plunging the forest floor into perpetual gloom. While not an overly dangerous place to visit, it is certainly not an appealing place to enter for many.

BLACK VOLCANO - Towering over the little mountain valley where Loradonia lies, is the smouldering peak of the Black Volcano, which is filled with many twisting tunnels, and deadly creatures, not all of which are quite what they seem to be. An area for Levels 40+ only. Legendary Creature: The Great Red Wyrm, whose skin is a mighty magical item, and is greatly prized.

CASTLE MALEVOLUS - This large Castle is home to many evil demonic creatures, and is not recommended for those of under lvl 60 to explore it. Many of the creatures in this awful place have special abilities. Legendary Creature: Graz'zt the Demonlord, who has a very poweful crown, but can defend it with awesome magical force!

CASTLE STURMFELDT - This massive castle is located near Seledorn, on the western side of the Isle of Tiraca. The castle, although quite large, is also fairly empty, and the soldiers there, are not hostile unless attacked. However, the creatures that are there, are very tough, and not for those of under 55th level to try their luck with, not unless you are in a good sized group at least. Legendary Creature: The Tzar is definately a front runner for toughest creature on Austin. This ludricrously tough individual, can plough his way through groups of lvl 65+ characters, over 15 strong without breaking a sweat. Still he has a powerful ring that some believe is worth the risk in challenging him for.

CAT CITY - Hard to get to due to its location in the confusing Highlands.This place is the home of the Catmen, who live in a great town of tents. The city is suited to levels 20-30.

CHANDLERS ISLE - This small island in the Orfallon Mountain lake is notable for the mansion which lies on it. The mansion is home the Archmage known as Chandler, who after over a century of wandering the Outer Planes has returned to the home that his apprentice - Illinar, has been keeping for him. He has stated his intention to combat the evils of Austin, and is beginning reasearch into the spells and items he will need to create to accomplish this. Legendary Creature: The Archmage himself!! Chandler is a very powerful opponent, and wears upon his brow the mighty Psionatrix Circlet, which boosts magical power & mental defenses.

CRAINDRE - The town of Craindre is located in the northern swamps, and it has been built on top of the sunken ruins of Zanzibar. There is a strong emphasis on alternative magic here, such as the dreaded Voodoo, and this place is given a wide berth by most. The people of Craindre are typical of those who have been isolated from the outside world for so long, and most are slowly slipping into madness & despair, or they already have! This is a good place for levels 40+ to come and explore, but be careful getting though the swamps to get here.

CRYSMERE PEAK - An Ice bound wilderness, dominated by a great glacier, and the snow covered mountain, which is home to the Frost Giants, and other creatures who thrive in the cold. This area can be confusing due to the blizzards here, which can cause travellers to become hopelessly lost on the glacier. Recommended for levels 25-40.

DARK CASTLE - This ominous Black-stone Castle sits South-East of Rodby, beside the Orfallon Mountain Road. Once the home of the great Archmage Toris, now it is populated only by Zombies, and other Undead, who attack the living on sight. Not for those of under Level 30, the Haunted Castle is NOT a nice place to visit, but the dungeons are much worse!

DARK CASTLE DUNGEONS - Deep underneath the Dark Castle, lies its most insidious evil, the hidden lairs of the Dark Princes cabal of necromancers and priests and their undead minions. Here in the subterranean gloom, they research ever more powerful magics, searching for a way to free their dread lord from his binding to the Castle above, and allow him to move freely once more. Somewhere amidst the warren of tunnels and chambers lies the entrance to a vast crypt, home to the Triad guild of vampires. This is not a place for those under Level 50 to explore, as there are a couple of devious traps that are not for the fainthearted! Legendary Creature: The Ancient Lich, once the treacherous mortal mage Alvan, who taught Maia & Redin, the Dark Twins of Infamy, he now rules over these caverns, in the service of the Dark Prince.

DESERT - The Desert stretches from the Highlands to the Great Eastern Ocean. In the sands of this area lies the Dwarven mining town of Rockby, the Great Pyramid and a camp of desert nomads, as well as the Caliphate of Tajuk. The Desert is a good area for those of levels 10-20 to explore. It is called the Tahari by the people of Tajuk.

DOOM DUNGEON - The paradise of level 30-50 groups. There is a large number of aggressive, rich & well-equipped creatures here. The entrance is past Infernix the Deep Red Dragon, who sleeps in the Volcano south of Miramor, and is accessed by a ropebridge.

DOWNTOWN - The underground city of the Dark Dwarves. This place is for those of level 40 upwards only, as nearly everything here is aggressive. It is located in the Orfallon Mountains. Legendary Creature: The Balrog, who wears a trendy, and very popular bracelet.

ELVEN FOREST - This used to be the name for the eastern half of Firian Forest, until the Elven Retreat of 1511. Nowadays this area is known as the Fay Forest, and check my notes under that name for more information.

ELWYN VILLAGE - A small village located on the eastern shore of Tiraca. The village is famed for Mrs. Flo's well stocked store, and also for being the home of the Archmage Tebnaraskar, who is a bit of a midnight person, and who seems to have lost his front doorkey.

EYOT OF THE WEREWOLVES - In the lake in the Mallorn Woods is a small island. Here live several outcasts from human society, shunned because of the disease of lycanthropy that infects them, and turns them into remorseless killers by night. The Eyot is a good place for levels 20-25 to visit.

FAENOR'S MANSION - Home to the mad Archmage, and his twisted experiments, this gothic mansion is a place for those of Levels 40+ only. It is located to the north of the Town of Hillby, in the mountains, and the entrance is past a gate guarded by ever watchful Gargoyles. Legendary Creature: So many to choose from, but it has to be the crazy mage himself, with his powerful pulsing green stone.

FAY FOREST - This is the term now in current use for the eastern portion of Firian Forest, that used to be the Elven Forest until 1511, when the Elves left this continent to travel to their island of Elethrin. In their absence it was widely feared that the Trolls would overrun this part of the forest also, but that has not happened, as instead numerous faeries have taken it for their home instead, and have altered the forest subtlely into a more mystical place.

FELLREEV FOREST - This grim & foreboding forest is north of the Great Lake, and it lies between Laketown & Henn. It is the domain of large, aggro, black-furred wolves & boars. Though a small herd of deer make their home in a large clearing here. Hidden beneath the western portion of this forest is the Hobgoblin Lair, and from there those vile Goblinoids raid the north. Legendary Creature: Fenris the Great Black Wolf, whose fur pelt is as black as night, and can greatly enhance the fighting prowess of someone who wears it.

FIRE SWAMPS - Named for the bursts of flame that periodically spurt from the ground, the Fire Swamps are NOT a nice place to hang around, especially considering the number of nasty creatures that make this area their home. An area for levels 50+. Legendary Creature: The Fire Dragon, whose hide is as hot as molten lava!

FIRIAN FOREST - This enormous tract of forest (which lies West of Riversy), is the domain of several races, including: Trolls, Faeries and many varieties of Creepy Crawlies! In ancient times a trade road ran through the southern part of the forest, but it is now heavily overgrown. In the western part of the forest lie the ruins of Firian Castle, which used to guard over the road to protect travellers & merchants from bandit attacks.

GHOST CITY - This place is nasty to say the least! From the big lake under Riversy Sewers head south down the river, past the entrance that leads to Mushroom Land, and you will get to a big set of gates. Through these gates lies the ruined town that is Ghost City, and its filled with aggro Ghouls, and wandering Ghosts. Not nice. If that was not bad enough, the farmcaves to the south are home to a ravenous Fungusaur. This is not a place that I would reccomend that any under level 20 visit, and even then be prepared for a lot of fighting!

GNOLL CAVES - North-East of Grimstead. This area is for Levels 3-10 with the guards as the tougher part. The gnolls used to live in an old abandoned copper mine south of Riversy, but were chased out of there by the Army of Amaranth in the year 1538, after which the old mines were collapsed. The gnolls now occupy some old caves (which they have extended).

GNOME CAVERNS - North-East of Riversy, beneath a monolithic block of stone. This area is good for Levels 5-15 (working in groups). Rumours say that occasionally the Gnomes mine special gems, that when held will shine forever.

GRIMSTEAD - The sinister town of Grimstead is located just to the south of Nengtaroth, built onto the slope of the mountains that circle the darkelves home, and surrounded by the ominous Blackthorn Woods. Here dwell all manner of evil creatures, living in (almost) perfect harmony with each other. Ogres, Trolls, Goblins and Orcs can be found here, as well as the odd Skaven and even a few of the Drow who for whatever reason are visiting the town, often to hire mercenaries for their raids into the human lands. The town is a good place for all levels to visit, and is the default starting location for the evil races when they enter the world. There is much to see and do in the town.

HALFLING VILLAGE - East of Riversy, the village is populated by a small, almost defenceless race. Good for Levels 4-10. Rumours say that the Chieftain has a magical blade, known for its uncanny sharpness.

HENN VILLAGE - Located North of Laketown, Henn is a large village with several shops, built on a plateau in the Northern Mountains, with the peak of White Plume Mountain overlooking it. Rumours say that the hidden guildhouse of the SoS guild lies somewhere within the Mountain. Henn is a good area for Levels 15-25, but it has some tougher inhabitants. Legendary Creature: Komas Krugg, the old Dwarf, whose BattleHammer is a nasty weapon.

HIDDEN VALLEY - Surrounded by the majestic Crysmere Mountains, this small, picturesque valley can only be reached via a pass from the West. However it is rumoured that Bandits often prey on travellers here. A small camp of barbarians is in the Eastern end of the Valley, led by their Great Kahn. Legendary Creature: The Nymph, who is very shy.

HIGHLANDS - The Highlands are located South of Riversy, on the other side of the lake in the Logby woods. Many travellers get lost in the Highlands, and the area is littered with deadly pit traps. Rising from the barren hills stands Targolin Mountain, and somewhere within this confusing area lies Cat City. Not for those of under 15th level.

HILLBY VILLAGE - North of Riversy is the farming village of Hillby, which provides much of the food for Amaranths burgeoning population. Beware of lurking muggers, and a strange plant which is outlawed in Riversy (Fines are payable at the Mayor's Secretary). Hillby is relatively harmless, and there are some interesting shops here.

HILLBY CASTLE - Baron Grellus's Castle lies east of the village, and should not be confused with Faenor's Mansion. This is a good area for Levels 10-20, but the dungeons below are strictly for Levels 20+. The castle inhabitants are mostly harmless, but Jane (who guards the Barons private quarters), takes her job Very seriously, and will not tolerate intruders!

HOBGOBLIN LAIR - This secret hideout is located beneath the western part of Fellreev Forest, under the Tree stump in the clearing. Here those nasty little Hobgoblins lurk, and plot their next raid into the northern realms. Oh yeah, better watch out in the forest too, cos a couple of the Hobgoblins's Assassins (called Sneaky Gitz) are usually lurking up there, to keep an eye out for intruders. Anyway there is usually a fair number of the little blighters present, plus a couple more of those darned Gitz as well, and they are very good at finding your back with their knives!! Legendary Creature: Bartak the Hobgoblin King, who wears some very nice leggings & a jacket to match, made of lovely soft wolfskin. Just watch out for his Hobnailed Boots, as he likes kicking people with them.


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