The Immortal Pantheon

The Immortal Pantheon are the ones responsible for the constant maintenance and expansion of the MUD. At one time the Pantheon was over 2 dozen active gods, but in 1462 most were cast out of the heavens & hells that they occupied, condemned to walk the world in mortal form once more. Others choose to become mortal as they could not agree with the decision of the Implementors.

The drastic effects of the Fall have been reversed, as several of the demoted Immortals have won back their posts, and a few new gods have joined the pantheon. Though smaller than the pre-Fall pantheon, the current group of gods is a more focused and active Immortal Staff than Austin has had in a long time.

Austin Management & Coders

Simlo - The Neuromancer: Head of the Austin Pantheon/Head of Coding.
Yevaud the Usurper: Implementor.
Poseidon the Punisher: Implementor.



Hobbes - The Furry One: Head of Building.
Varda - The Goddess of the Stars:


Drako - The God of Dragons: Head of Features.
Zifnab - The God of Sorrow:
Jhessail Zh'echrak:


Cade Mallorn - The God of Mischief: Head of Guilds.
Kestrel - The God of Vampires: Coder.
Astral Eldroon - The God of the Dead:


Esk - Goddess of Warriors and Weapons: Head of Quests.
Astral Eldroon - The God of the Dead:


Brakkart Fellblade - The God of Intrigue: Webmaster.
Popple - The Goddess of Harmony:
Tigress Silverclaw - The Goddess of Darkness:
Xeloi - The God of Odd:
Hathor - The Lady of Dendera:
Kadrix - The God of Shadows:
Hauk - The God of Gnomes:
Deuce Traveler - The God of Paths and Choice:
Homer - The Elder:

Lesser Gods

Lesser Gods of the Austin Pantheon:


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