Brakkart Fellblade - The God of Intrigue

Brakkart was until the Fall of 1462, the God of Death & War. An old God, he was the Historian for the World of Austin, (you can see the timeline that he & Popple wrote elsewhere on this website). He was formerly the Head of the Creation Group, until handing that post over to Varda. When the Gods were cast out of the Heavens & Hells, Brakkart was chosen to remain Immortal, however he could not in good conscience stay in the Pantheon when everyone else was demoted, so he choose to walk amongst the mortals as one of them.

Brakkart was a member of the `Ndrangheta in his original mortal existence, but after leaving the Pantheon, he joined the Khan's Troopers of the Night, where he held the position of a Recruitment Guild Trainer. The resignation of Irzam as Khan, and the election where he stood, and was ignored by the rest of the guild, convinced him to leave. He joined the Army of Darkness, where he served as their representative to the Mortal Council until his re-apotheosis.

In the Month of the Ancient Darkness 1493, Brakkart was welcomed back into the Pantheon, where he took up his old portfolio of God of War, and added Intrigue to his repertoire, as he had grown fond of schemes and plots during his long years as a mortal. He shunned his old portfolio of Death, leaving that instead to his diminutive associate, the Death of Rats (who was always much better at the paperwork anyway!). He has returned to his old Iron Tower in hell, and from here he plans new strategies, and works to build and manipulate the World of Austin to fit his vision. He keeps a slavegirl in his tower, and her name is Gilian Casca.

In 1500, Brakkart abandoned his portfolio of War choosing instead to take up the mantle of Universal Creation, a title formerly held by his mentor Surak. He retained the portfolio of Intrigue, as he has always had a weakness for plots and secrets. These days he concentrates on building and developing the World of Austin, leaving the battles of mortals and Gods for others to deal with. In 1541, Varda the Head of the Creation Group stepped down from the post, and named him as her successor. At the same time, deciding on a change of home, he redesigned his Iron Tower into The Watchtower, and placed it on the surface of Pelisa, Austins' Red Moon.

Around 1600, Brakkart grew tired of his duties and retired from his post as Head of Creation Group, handing that task over to Hobbes. For years he remained quiet in his lunar tower, watching the world revolve below him, until in 1617 he awoke from his dormancy again. None know why he chose then to become active once more, suffice to say that to all things there is a time. From his lunar home, he works to develop and manipulate the World of Austin according to some design known only to himself.

The sight of Brakkart's ominous black-clad form, is enough to worry even the bravest of hearts, as all know that his aid usually comes with a price tag attached to it.


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