Pavane BlackHeart

Pavane BlackHeart is the younger sister of Jagnnoh BlackHeart of the SNG Clan. Unlike her brother, who is devoted to chaos, Pavane's cause is the violent extermination of all non-human sentients. She is a radical racist, who is devoted to the total elimination of every race bar her own. Despite her overwhemling hatred of demi-humans, she is quite knowedgable about the world that she lives in, and has travelled a good portion of it. A notorious flirt, she firmly believes that men exist to be used & abused, and then thrown away. Pavane keeps extensive journals in which she notes down everything she encounters. Quite where she stores these books, when they are filled up is a mystery, as she only ever seems to have one journal on her person at ony one time. In her time Pavane has been a member of both the Highlander Clan & the Khan's Troopers of the Night guild, but these days she hunts alone. She is wanted by the Riversy guard, and they will attempt to kill her on sight, so far she remains at large, leaving a trail of their bodies in her wake.

The last sight that many non-humans have ever seen. Pavane is dedicated to, and extremely efficient at, their extermination!


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