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Below are a list of links to various websites that I sometimes visit whilst surfing the net. They are by no means all related to Austin MUD (and some are nothing at all to do with Austin!), but some of them have content thats in the same theme as the MUD. Happy Surfing!

Other Austin Related Links

The RNG Map Archive: The best set of maps anywhere.

Tired of that annoying Pop-Up Window? So am I. So heres a link to a neat little program that kills it. One quick download & install, and you never have to worry about it again!

Click here to access Pop-Up Stopper!

Non-Austin Links

Nik Hoyle's Website: My good friend Nik Hoyle, runs this site dedicated to the various campaigns he has ran/played in. (DC Heroes, Star Wars, Deadlands, Spycraft and D&D!)

Player vs Player (PvP): This is a great cartoon strip, updated daily.
Queen Of Wands: An outstanding comic strip updated every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Winner of the 2004 Award for Romantic Web Comic.
Something Positive: Sometimes touching, other times painfully funny. This webcomic is updated daily and has semi-frequent crossovers with Queen Of Wands.
The Order Of The Stick: A webcomic that hilariously lampoons the Dungeons and Dragons 3rd edition game. Updated every Monday and Thursday.

EN World: This is the new central info site for all things related to the d20 roleplaying system, which is the core rules behind such games as: Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition, Spycraft and Star Wars.

GI Joe Comic Book: Yes!!! My favourite comic book when I was a kid is back, and just as good as it has always been. I love these characters, especially Cobra, the ruthless terrorist organisation trying to take over the planet. GI Joe is the codename, for an elite force of anti-terrorist US backed commandoes who fight Cobra. The new series is set 7 years after Cobra was supposedly destroyed... but they are back, and so the world has a need for the Joe's once more.

Hotmail: A Brilliant Free E-mail service on the Internet.
Wizards of the Coast Homepage: The Company the produces Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons games, amongst others!!
The MUD Connector: A Great Site that has info & links on over 1000 different MUD's!
ImageNETion - Fantasy Art Gallery: A Great Site with tonnes of Fantasy Art.
The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5: The best informed Babylon 5 website I have ever found.
Games Workshop: The Company that produces the Warhammer game.
Tripod: A Great Free Homepage Provider.

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