The Official Austin Pre-History Timeline

This page is devoted to a full length version of the Austin Pre-History Timeline. The purpose of this timeline is to set forth the events that occured in the centuries leading up to the end of the Godswar, from which the current calendar years are dated. Austin is a world with an ancient past that can now at last be detailed. The dates count down to the year 0, which is the start date of the current timeline.

Though many of the races of Austin have myths, legends and folklore about how the world came to be, the truth of it is that the planet was not created by gods or monsters, it is not flat, or held aloft by a titan. Nor is it at the centre of the universe, except in that it is the most important place in the lives of everything that lives on it. Austin was created by the cosmos, formed from debris left over from the formation of Ixion, the star which the planet (and the rest of its solar sytem of sister planets, moons, meteors and asteroids) orbits.

How life came to exist on Austin however, is another matter entirely! Not all of the races that can be found on Austin are native to the world, as some like the faeries slipped into the world through portals over many centuries, a few at a time, and for the most part remain unnoticed in the great events of the world. Others, such as the stocky dwarves, plucky halflings, serene elves and the ever adaptable humans evolved by natural selection from more primitive creatures. The last grouping of the planets inhabitants are those that were created through intervention by more powerful beings, adjusting existing races to create new ones, or simply making new lifeforms from nothingness. To this group belong the curious gnomes, the insidious skaven and the brutal races such as the ogres and trolls.

-1610 The city of Arypt is founded on the northern bank of the great river of Siross, in the south-west of the great plains. It is the first city to be founded by humans, and marks the start of human civilisation. The people choose their wisest male to lead them, confering upon him the title of Pharoah (meaning King), his name is Ramenos.

-1487 The city of Arypt is by now the centre of a small kingdom, encompassing several villages and stretching for many miles along the banks of the river Siross. The Pharoah of the time, Ramenhotep the Third, decrees that his nation shall be known as Aryptia

-1217 The people of Aryptia begin work on a vast Pyramid to honour Pharaoh Farao who has led them for many years, and ruled wisely and fairly. A site is chosen not far from the city, on a small grassy plateau overlooking the city itself.

-1198 Construction on the Pyramid finally finishes, and the bodies of Farao, his Queen Neferiti, and many guards and servants are sealed inside. The wizards of the city, place many dread curses on the pyramid, to awaken the bodies of those within, should it ever be opened by tomb robbers.

-586 The Raising. Alerted by a scout of Saggi's armies approaching from the southern forests, the Nine Council pool their powers together to create a geoglyph spell of awesome power, intending to annihilate the armies in one fell swoop. The huge surge in magical power immediately catches the attention of Haji who warns Saggi of what the Geomancers are doing. Never one to back down from a challenge, the Great Builder concentrates his own powers to counter the geomancers, determined not to be beaten at manipulating the element of earth to which his power is closely tied. Both sides unleash their full magical might at the other at the same instant, twin bolts of force arcing over the landscape and clashing in a titantic battle of wills roughly over the edge of where the forests give way to the vast plains.

The geomancers spell rips up the land at the forest edge, causing great shards of stone to thrust up from the plains, however, the spell is held in check along the line, by the sheer stubborn will of Saggi, the entity sweating blood as he counters the enchantment with everything he has, knowing that if he fails to stop it, the land will continue to rip up, coming further south and decimating the armies he has brought north to combat the geomancers minions. The effort of trying to force the spell past the entity's countermagic kills the two least members of the Council, their brains boiling in their skulls at the strain, and the increased strain on the remaining seven geomancers snaps their concentration and ends the spell.

In the south, Saggi collapses, his lifeforce nearly spent in preventing the slaughter of his followers, who are now faced with a daunting obstacle. Where once the forests gave way to the rolling plains, there now stands a sheer jagged wall of rock, massive in height, and stretching as far as the ocean in the east, and all the way to the Orfallon Mountains in the west, creating a barrier that the clouds themselves cannot pass. The alteration to the landscape has far reaching consequences, as the weather across fully half the continent is altered, the rain heavy clouds that used to sweep north across the plains no longer able to do so. Rainfall increases drastically over the forests on the southern side of the new range, which is soon dubbed the Rainwall Mountains. On the northern side, the plains begin to dry out as the rains which sustained the grasses there no longer fall with any frequency, and within weeks the great river of Siross has dried out completely.

-572 The Battle of Majlis. Finally


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