The Austin Calendar

Well, while counting everything in years might be all well and good for them damned long lived elves, we humans have a lot less time to ourselves on this world, so knowing your days and months is also useful from our point of view. Hmmm, time to go gather a few more notes I think, I'm out of here.

Pavane Blackheart

Days of the Week

The length of the week is based upon the seven day orbital cycle of Silisa, the lesser moon of Austin.

The Day of the Moon
The Day of the Bull
The Day of the Deception
The Day of Thunder
The Day of Freedom
The Day of the Great Gods
The Day of the Sun

Months of the Year

There are 35 days per month. The length of the month is based on the thirty five day orbital cycle of Pelisa, the greater moon of Austin.

Month of Winter
Month of the Winter Wolf
Month of the Frost Giant
Month of the Old Forces
Month of the Grand Struggle
Month of the Spring
Month of Nature
Month of Futility
Month of the Dragon
Month of the Sun
Month of the Heat
Month of the Battle
Month of the Dark Shades
Month of the Shadows
Month of the Long Shadows
Month of the Ancient Darkness
Month of the Great Evil


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