There are two types of guilds on Austin MUD, class guilds and player guilds. Class guilds are the places you go to practice your skills/spells in a certain class. Player guilds however are more social and complex guilds. The player guilds of Austin have been created, formed and are run by the mortals of Austin. Each guild offers a unique role-playing experience and all of them offer friendship and camaraderie with other mortals. These guilds each have a guild house in the World of Austin, and they have special skills, spells, equipment, and mobiles that are unique to their guild. Each guild has a mission statement, which tells you what the purpose of the guild is, and why they have been formed. The rules and regulations of player guilds are made up by and enforced by the Guilds themselves. Player guilds have 8 member ranks (ranging from pledge to guildmaster), and these ranks are named differently for each guild. Player Guilds also have their own communication channel, called the guild channel. These guild channels can have their own names, depending on the guild. There is also a guildhelp command, which gives a member of a guild information on certain commands, skills, spells, and equipment for the guild they are in. Lastly, there is a group of Gods that is in charge of creating, and maintaining the code for the player guilds.

By Rosebud McGowan

Current Guilds

Army of Darkness (AoD)
Crimson Empire (CE)
108 Dragons (DGN)
Evening Star Mercenaries (ESM)
Highlander Clan (HC)
Khan's Troopers of the Night (KTN)
The MaD HaTTeRs (MaD)
The Indiscriminate Whackers (IDW)
The `Ndrangheta (`Nd)
Psionic Students of Insight (PSI)
The Rangers (RNG)
The Red Clan (RED)
Shadow Soul Assassins (SSA)
Shimmers of Shadow (SoS)
The Triad (Tri)
The WolfPack (WP)

Guidelines on Creating a New Guild

For anyone interested in starting a new guild you must submit an application to the guild group. This application must consist of the following:

Once you have met these qualifications the guild group will then vote on whether or not to create this guild. Once approved the guild will be implemented and will begin a three month probationary period. During this period the gods will watch to make sure that you roleplay your mission statement, that you continue to be an active guild etc. During the probationary period you will be given a guild house, but the guild will not receive any guild equipment or skills/spells untill you have completed yourprobationary period. A the end of the 3 months the guild group will meet and once again vote on the guild to decide whether or not you have met all the requirements to become an official guild. Once they have approved the guild to an official status the guild will be assigned to a god of the guild group and you will then work with them to create your equipment and such.

Guild Equipment Creation: The guild group has a system that they use to create guild equipment for each guild. There is specific guidelines that are used so that all guilds are created equally.

Note: Currently no new guilds are being considered. Before any more new guilds are added to Austin, there will be an evaluation of those guilds deemed to be inactive.


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