Trolls might be big, and they sure ain't gonna win any intelligence contests (well unless they cheat and eat all the other entrants anyway), but boy oh boy are Trolls strong! *looks at the big club wielding ugly brute next to me* Ohh yeah, and tough too, woo, can't get tougher than a troll. Strong and tough, that's Trolls for you in a nutshell. *looks around and makes damn sure the Troll thug has gone* Right, lets get one thing straight, Trolls are really, really stupid, honestly they make Orcs look smart, however they are the strongest and toughest race of the lot, well apart from when it comes to fire, Trolls hate fire, they are majorly vulnerable to it, probably why they have so many teeth, to eat flesh raw rather than cooking it, but anyway I digress. If you wanna be big, strong, and hit things hard, but not have a clue about... well pretty much anything, then be a Troll.

Trolls start the game in Grimstead

Statistics of the Trollish Race

Strength: 24 (+6)
Intelligence: 10 (-8)
Wisdom: 12 (-6)
Dexterity: 12 (-6)
Constitution: 24 (+6)
Age: 5/40
HP/Mana/Movement: -100% Mana.
HP/Mana/Movement Regeneration: +50% Hit Point Regeneration.
Saving Throws: -70 vs Fire. +50 vs Chemical.
Notes: Trolls start the game at -1000 Alignment (Evil). Trolls cannot be Magic-Users. Trolls cannot be Clerics. Trolls cannot be Thieves. Trolls have Nightvision.



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