Ogres look very much like large very muscular humans, thought they often have some exaggerated features, such as a sloping brow, or protruding upper or lower jaws. It is theorised that ogres were created by unnatural means around the year 799, certainly there is no recorded sighting of one before that time. As to who or what caused them to come into being, scholars cannot find any agreement on the matter. Ogres are on average about 8 feet tall, and while they are not as clever as the humans they resemble, they can prove to be cunning foes, and they can wield magic. Possessed of greater than normal strength and powers of endurance, coupled with brains, Ogres would seem a likely contender for eventually surpassing the other races if it were not for their innate clumsiness and low birth rate. Ogres can often be found in the company of Orcs, as the two races complement each other well, the Ogres providing elite troops to back up the Orcs vast numbers, and both races share a common love of brutality and warfare.

Ogres start the game in Grimstead.

Statistics of the Ogre Race

Strength: 24 (+6)
Intelligence: 16 (-2)
Wisdom: 16 (-2)
Dexterity: 12 (-6)
Constitution: 22 (+4)
Age: 15/70
HP/Mana/Movement: -3% Mana.
HP/Mana.Movement Regeneration: -5% Mana Regeneration.
Saving Throws: No Adjustments.
Notes: Ogres start the game at -1000 Alignment (Evil). Ogres cannot be Thieves.



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