A lich is a dire undead creature created not by a summons, but instead by intent! As Necromancers grow in power, they become aware of a further stage to their development that is possible, to become one of the undead themself. Such a creature, a walking corpse, possessing all the powers of a living Necromancer and more, is termed a Lich, and they are some of the most powerful creatures in existence. The path to become a lich is not easy, and many obstacles must be overcome, not least of which is forging a phylactery, a repository for the liches soul, and the key to maintaining his undead state. The knowledge of how to transform oneself into a Lich is jealously guarded by necromancers the world over, though it is possible that one advanced enough in the black art might be persuaded to tell the secrets of pursuing this dread course, though you would need to be very powerful yourself to convince such a person to share his researches.

Statistics of the Lich Race

Strength: 14 (-4)
Intelligence: 22 (+4)
Wisdom: 22 (+4)
Dexterity: 14 (-4)
Constitution: 14 (-4)
Age: 100/1000
HP/Mana/Movement: +10% Mana.
HP/Mana/Movement Regeneration: +20% Mana Regeneration.
Saving Throws: +15 vs Cold. -50 vs Fire. +15 vs Chemical. +20 vs Psionic.
Notes: Liches are an advanced race and cannot be chosen as an option at character creation.


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