Once in a rare while, a raid by Orcs to rape and pillage, will result in a woman surviving (though many wish they had not), having been seeded with the vile result of her assault by the brutal Orcs. A Half-Orc is the resulting offspring of such a tragic union, doomed to be reviled by the humans into whose lives it is born, and never accepted amongst its paternal people, for the taint of human in its blood, and the perceived weakness of such amongst the Orcs. These children grow up to be strong, but also very ugly, and are shunned by both communities. Condemmed to the life of an outcast, most half-orcs turn to adventuring to find meaning in their lives, or to end them... Only among those who daily risj their lives in the pursuit of adventure, glory, wealth and pwoer, can a half-orc ever make for themself a home.

Half-Orcs start the game in Grimstead.

Statistics of the Half-Orcish Race

Strength: 20 (+2)
Intelligence: 14 (-4)
Wisdom: 16 (-2)
Dexterity: 18
Constitution: 20 (+2)
Age: 15/70
HP/Mana/Movement: No Adjustment.
HP/Mana/Movement Regeneration: +10% Hit Point Regeneration.
Saving Throws: +25 vs Chemical.
Notes: Half-Orcs start the game at 0 Alignment (Neutral). Half-Orcs cannot be Magic-Users.



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