On the whole goblins are a thoroughly unpleasant race. Small in stature, though not as much so as the halflings, they are cruel and cowardly, a combination that makes them despised by most other races. Goblins lack any kind of civilisation of their own, being far too disorganised to build settlements, so instead they take those that others have built and dwell in them, even as they fall apart around them, as the goblins lack the skills to upkeep their homes. Goblins on Austin dwell in two ruined villages to the north-east of Amaranth called Arcnur & Orton. A subrace of goblins, larger and smarter than the rest of their kind, but twice as nasty, called Hobgoblins can be found dwelling amidst dark expanse of Fellreev Forest in the north. Goblins make superb thieves, but are poor at most other professions, their chaotic nature working against them in efforts to learn magic, though a rare few do manage to master the arcane arts.

Goblins start the game in Grimstead.

Statistics of the Goblin Race

Strength: 17 (-1)
Intelligence: 19 (+1)
Wisdom: 17 (-1)
Dexterity: 22 (+4)
Constitution: 17 (-1)
Age: 15/80
HP/Mana/Movement: No Adjustment.
HP/Mana/Movement Regeneration: No Adjustment.
Saving Throws: No Adjustments.
Notes: Goblins start the game at -1000 Alignment (Evil). Goblins cannot be Clerics. Goblins have Nightvision.



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