Darkelves (Drow)

The Darkelves are a sinister offshoot of the elven race, formed when rebels against the elven King Atheros were tricked into embracing evil, and their souls were merged with those of dread minions of the Dark Prince by his servant Morathi. The Darkelves (or Drow as they are known in the elven tongue), live in their terrible dark homeland of Nengtaroth (which means Land of Shadows), and plot the utter destruction of their more noble kin. They have grey to black skin, and white hair. The race worships a Goltari known as Lehesa, and their ceaseless devotion to this being has elevated her to the power of a lesser god. The darkelves are a matriarchal society, ruled by a Queen who choose a consort king to rule with her, though in actual fact he has little real power.

Darkelves start the game in Grimstead.

Statistics of the Darkelf Race

Strength: 18
Intelligence: 22 (+4)
Wisdom: 20 (+2)
Dexterity: 20 (+2)
Constitution: 14 (-4)
Age: 85/400
HP/Mana/Movement: +5% Mana.
HP/Mana/Movement Regeneration: -20% HP Regen.
Saving Throws: -50 vs Chemical. +50 vs Psionic.
Notes: Darkelves start the game at -1000 alignment (Evil). Darkelves have nightvision.


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