Each immortal group on AustinMUD has a mail alias for discussion of topics relating to that particular group. When you have an idea or suggestion, or a bug to report, then you should try to direct it to the appropriate group for the best response. The most general group email list that all immortals belong to is '', and mails sent to this group should generally not fall into any other particular category. This information can be found by typing "help address" in game. It is included here on the website for your convinience, and also to ensure that should the MUD go down for an extended period of time, then communication between the pantheon and players will continue. The "general" immortal alias. This address should reach all the active immortals on Austin. In general, most mails should be sent to a specific group to handle, but you may find that your topic doesnt fit into one of the particular groups (lost password, problem with logging a character in, mud crashed), so in cases like this, send your mail here.
IMPORTANT: To be able to send email to this address you need to be signed onto the address (see below). This has had to be added to the alias to reduce the amount of spammail that the gods who are signed onto this list receive. Send email here regarding ideas, suggestions, or bugs (typos, missing room exits) that have to do with areas, specifically rooms, mobiles and objects. If your inquiry/suggestion is spec related, please send it to (see below). The Austin Mud Implementors' mail list. The members of this list are the highest level administrators of the game, responsible for maintaining the server and files, as well as developing the game source code. The admin are the arbitrators and reserve final judgement on all matters concerning the game. The group of immortals whose job is to oversee the various guilds of AustinMud. Email here requests for creation of new guilds, modification of existing guilds, and/or problems in the guild specific features such as built-in quests, equipment and altars.. This group is responsible for running the Austin MUD "live quests". You may mail them with ideas for new impromptu quests and kudos (or not?) for some quest that was particularly well run. This group is responsible for the upkeep and addition of ingame features, such as built-in quests and specs in zones. You can mail them with ideas and suggestions for new ingame features, or if there is a problem with an existing quest or spec. The Austin Mud Players' mail list. This list is open to subscription for all players of the game. It is a discussion forum for topics relating to playing Austin Mud. It may also be used to announce news, server downtime, or other problems to the playing community. To join the list, send email to In the body of the mail, type: subscribe <address> Where <address> is your email address. You do not have to include the subject line, as it is ignored anyway. IMPORTANT You must be subscribed to this address to be able to send email to the address (see above). This has been added to help reduce the sheer amount of spam mail that the gods receive by being subscribed to that alias. To get in touch with a specific member of the immortal staff, you can mail him or her at (their name) So if you need to get in touch with Tigress mail her at etc. The mortal council alias, use this alias to reach the members of the mortal council. The email address of this sites webmaster (Brakkart). Use this to send in submissions, corrections, url's and other information relating to the website.


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