This page is set aside for any competitions that are being run on Austin MUD. Details of any contests that I am aware of, will be posted here, as will an archive of past contests, with their winners! Please feel free to send details of any contests you are running/aware of to me at: Just because this page has been added to the site however, does NOT mean that there will always be a competition active, just that if one is active, you should be able to find details on it here.

Current Competitions

12/10/04 - Here we go again, time for the annual Austin Map Contest! The aim is to design a new colour map to replace the one on the front page of this website. It needs to be roughly the same size as the existing one (though you can make it a bit wider if you want), and be up to date with the latest additions to Austin (Firian Road, Grimstead, Trail south of Qazus, Rainwall Mountains, Stoneheim, Eastern Coastline/Ocean and whatever other improvements you can add in, plus any that might yet be added before the end of the year). The contest starts from when I fire the starting pistol (*BANG* There it goes), and ends at midnight (GMT) on the 31st December 2004. This is so that this website will start the next year with a brand new up to date colour map of the world.


1. The winning Colour Map gets its designer 7 restrings, which are to be one themed outfit. The locations that you get are: Arms, Legs, Body, Head, Hands, Waist & Feet. So these can be a suit of armour, an elaborate set of robes, whatever you can conceive of, but they must have a unifying theme, and they go on one character!
2. Any entry that is used on merchandise from the Austin Store will win its designer 2 restrings. This is in addition to the prize listed above. These restrings can be used on any location.
3. Every serious entry will win its creator 1 restring which can be used for any location. By serious, I mean that they have at least attempted to do a map worthy of replacing the existing one.


1. The following rules are not exclusive, ie Common Sense applies, and I do reserve the right to add to this list to clarify any inconsistencies that might crop up.
2. All entries are to be in before 12 midnight on the 31st December 2004 Greenwich Mean Time (UK Time), no exceptions will be made.
3. All entries are to be posted to Do not send them to any other email address. Use the subject title of Austin Map Contest please, that way if my mail filter sends your entry into the junk mail folder by mistake, I will be easily able to locate it.
4. The entries will be judged by a panel of Gods, any attempt to influence the pantheon in its voting will result in your entry being disqualified.
5. The pantheon reserves the right to substitute any of the above prizes for one of equal or greater value.
6. Any entries become the property of the World of Austin website, and can be used as the Webmaster sees fit.
7. The pantheon reserves the right to declare no winner in the event that there are no entries, or no entries of a good enough standard.
8. The decision of the pantheon as to the winner is final.
9. You can enter once only, and your first submission will be the one that is counted, so make sure your entry is finished before you send it in.
10. The winner of the last contest (Javanna) is not excluded from entering this year. I want the best map possible, so he is perfectly entitled to try and win it again.
11. The winner is entitled to choose which of their characters gets the prize.

Past Competitions

2/1/02 - The Austin Map contest was posted in October 2001. The contest was to produce a colour map of the World of Austin by December 31st. Four entries were received in total from Solar, Drazzilb, Gilwen and Javanna. A jury of three gods decided unanimously on Javanna's entry as the finest amongst them. The map will adorn the front & geography pages of the site for the next year, and Javanna was awarded a set of 7 themed restrings that form one suit as his prize.


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